Day 2: TOGAF 9 Training

Arif Harbott
Arif Harbott

I had recovered slightly from the bombardment from yesterday and some of the TOGAF concepts were starting to make sense and fall into place in my head.

Today was more engaging we covered a lot of ground again but it was more pragmatic then yesterday.

We started with architectural governance which is something that I am well versed in these days. TOGAF positions architectural governance itself sitting across corporate, technology and IT governance. It also gives some good checklists and ideas on how to run a governance function.

We then covered risk management and compliance which again seemed closely related to the risk management skills that I have learned in project management (Prince2 and APMP).

We then covered the first two stages of the architectural development model (ADM) which is the main core of TOGAF. The preliminary phase defines the enterprise, identifies key business drivers, key stakeholders, defines the business requirements for the architecture work and defines the architecture principles. As with any stage in the ADM there are inputs, action and then outputs. The main output of this stage is the request for architectural work.

We then moved onto phase A – the architectural vision. This sets the high level picture, validates the findings from the preliminary phase and formalises the requirements and project plan. The main outputs from this stage are:

  • Approved statement of work
  • Refined statements of business goals and drivers
  • Architectural principles
  • Tailored architectural framework (remember you need to tailor TOGAF)
  • Architectural vision

Finally at the end of the day just before my brain gave up we covered phase B – business architecture. The objective of this stage is to refine the architecture vision from phase A focusing on the business architecture. Using business process modelling tools you need to map the baseline business architecture. The outputs from this stage are:

  • Refined architecture vision
  • Draft architecture document
  • Draft architecture requirements
  • Business architecture components of an architecture roadmap
  • Target baseline architecture version 1

More to come tomorrow.

Day 2: TOGAF 9 Training
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