The HERO© Transformation Framework is the result of many years development running large transformations on the front line.

Learn the code to transformation success

At its heart HERO© outlines exactly how to deliver successful transformations and large-scale change programs with the best chance of success.

It includes all of the roles, processes, meetings, governance, and templates for you to follow and apply to your transformation today. You can then crack the code of change and lead successful transformations on your own.

We have spent 20 years running, leading, delivering over $1bn of transformations, so we know what works and what does not. About 5 years ago we started to codify what we knew about successful transformations mostly for our teams and for our clients.

Not another fluffy change management framework

We built the HERO© Transformation Framework running huge transformations on the front line. We’ve spent years honing the framework, removing the fluff and distilling the concepts until it contains exactly what you need to succeed in the challenging world of change management.

We know it works, but it takes a lot of discipline and rigour. It is not like other “fluffy” change management approaches. We focus on the “hard” side of change, i.e. how does the delivery of your transformation result in a disproportionate increase in your company’s enterprise value.

You can learn more at www.herotransformation.com

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