What Every COO Should Know About Their Business

Arif Harbott
Arif Harbott

Some more insights following on from my last blog post from John Devine.

1. You need to know/ develop the organisation strategy and deliver it

In order to do this you need input and feedback loops (in order to calibrate) from the:

  • Internal environment (risks, challenges, options)
  • External environment (context, cycle, major risks, regulation)

2. Do you understand your organisation?

  • Culture
  • Risks
  • Value proposition
  • What your organisation does
  • How things really get done

3. What is your internal value chain?

  • Are you a product, service or manufacturer (or a mix of these)?
  • What do you really do?
  • Do you need to change what you do?

4. What is your process/ strategy for your place in the market?

5. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Leverage and extend your strengths
  • Minimise your weaknesses (by outsourcing or delegating)

6. What stage is your organisation in market maturity?

  • Business as usual? – efficiency, execution
  • Crisis management? – task orientated, fast, decision making
  • Strategy development?

What Every COO Should Know About Their Business
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