Call me crazy but I like exams

Arif Harbott
Arif Harbott

I know I am going to get a lot of stick for this post but I actually like exams. I don’t find them scary and I feel very confident going into them.

Yesterday I finished my first MBA exam week, six different subjects, six exams, one week, a lot of stress. Now that I have finished them there is a part of me (albeit a very small part!) that is sad they have finished and here’s why:

The gladiator mentality

When I was in my teens I played tennis to a very high level and represented Great Britain on a couple of occasions. You get a real buzz when competing at a high level and it’s not something you often feel in the business world. An exam is my chance to feel the adrenaline, relive the feelings of being young, and pit myself like a gladiator against the exam.

Pressure shows your true colours

High pressure situations tend to highlight your true personality and beliefs, it is very difficult to fake behaviour when you are highly stressed. The pressure of exams gives me an opportunity to reflect on my own reactions to pressure and it also shows the true personalities of the people you work with.

It signifies the end

Usually exams signify the end of a term, course, qualification and it means you once you have finished them you are free to get on with your life again.

Comrades in arms

Exams (or any high pressure situation) really help a team to bond and that was definitely the case this week. I was fortunate enough to receive some great guidance that really helped me tackle a few difficult questions (those of you who helped me, you know who you are, thank-you). In return I hope that I was able to help teach some concepts in the subjects I am stronger at.  There was a real unselfish sharing mentality between our group and it was really great to see.

Party time

And of course the end of exams usually means party time!

For those of you without a sense of humour this is a tongue in cheek post, please do not send me hate mail.

Call me crazy but I like exams

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