Day 3: TOGAF 9 Training

Arif Harbott
Arif Harbott

So enterprise architecture and TOGAF are started to make sense now and things are really falling into place. That being said I am very glad I opted for classroom based study and not distance learning as that would be have been almost impossible!

We finished off the phases of the ADM today:

Phase B: Business Architecture. This extends the high level architecture that was developed in the phase A. This phase is centred around business process modelling that forms the basis for the later phases. You need to model the baseline and target architectures and perform a gap analysis. Like any gated process the final step is to get formal stakeholder review.

Phase C: Information architecture and phase D: technology architecture are almost the same as phase B but instead of focusing on business architecture you focus on data, application and technology architecture.

Phase E: Opportunities and solutions is very much about finalising your architecture plans and passing them over to the project/ implementation team.

Phase F: Migration planning is all about creating the transition architectures, creating projects and work packages from the program of work.

Phase G: Governance and implementation is governing and watching over the project teams as they build from the plans you have developed.

Phase H: Architectural change management is monitoring changes in the business, technology and architecture and then implementing changes. ITIL is a good lead for this phase.

We also did some case studies and some exam technique which was very useful. We did some practice multiple choice questions and also some exercises for the scenario based questions. The exercise was to read a scenario question and then write four answers to get inside the mind of the examiner, like the exam we had to write the perfect TOGAF answer, something that was almost right, something that was off base and then one answer that was totally wrong.

I am off to do some more practice questions now ready for my exam on Friday!

Day 3: TOGAF 9 Training
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